Network of Citizens

Against Oil & Gas Exploitation

SOS Epirus Network was formed to provide factual, legal and communications support for the grassroots movement fighting to save Epirus’ pristine land and marine environments from oil and gas exploration.

Our aim is to highlight sustainable and environmentally friendly development paths which are compatible with the preservation of Epirus’ unique environmental, cultural and historical heritage and may better serve local communities as well as the country and the world.

Our strategy is to empower local communities through partnerships with international NGOs and citizens’ initiatives seeking to stop and revert global climate change, to eliminate fossil fuel dependence and to pave the way for the post-hydrocarbon world.

Our organizing principles are to act independent of party and political affiliations, strict adherence to non-violent action, respect for diversity of opinion and consensus driven democratic processes.

SOS Epirus Network invites all democratically minded citizens regardless of ideology or political affiliation to join our efforts to protect the Land of Epirus and remains committed to collaborate with any individual or group that shares this vision.